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With expert coach Glen Coblens leading these fantastic basketball clinics, your children will learn from current/former high school and college coaches and players. PDX Hoops is committed to individual basketball skill development combined with having fun and making new friends. The clinic utilizes competitive drills and team competition to maximize each child’s potential.

“Glen is able to do what only the great coaches can do, which is to coach in a manner that goes beyond basketball and translates into the healthy development of young people in other areas of their life. I could not give Glen any higher recommendation.” Brian Leitgeb

“Not only have I seen the way Glen is motivated by helping kids, I have also experienced Glen’s mentoring skills first hand. Glen is one of the biggest reasons I have succeeded and grown as a coach and as a person.” –David Michaelis – Catlin Gabel Boy’s Basketball Coach, 2006-2010

About Glen Coblens, Founder, PDX Hoops: Glen Coblens has over 30 years of coaching experience at youth, high school, college, professional and international levels, winning three gold medals in international competition, a national championships and coach of the year honors. Currently leading a junior basketball program, mentoring youth coaches and organizing tournaments, Coach Coblens has been instrumental in forming youth programs for Portland area high schools. He founded the Coblens’ Cage Camp, conducting youth basketball camps and clinics as well as training for youth coaches. Coach Coblens is a consultants for Sports Psychology Institute Northwest, developing the Competitive Skills Training (CST) program teaching athletes to incorporate visual imagery, relaxation, positive self‐talk and goal setting to enhance performance and improve self‐esteem. Building on CST, Coach Coblens created 3’s for VICTORY, a reference guide for athletes to achieve success.

Glen Coblens was interviewed on the Brian Berger Sports Insider show on Radio 750am the game!

Listen to this excellent broadcast about youth basketball camps, skills and more:

Glen on Brian Berger Sports Insider_6-13-12

“It’s all about seeing that smile on the kid’s face when they are empowered to feel successful, that’s why I do this and that’s why I love what I do!” — Glen Coblens, Founder, PDX Hoops